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US equity futures decline due to new risks

US equity futures decline due to new risks

US equity futures declined on Monday, indicating that major stock indices will drop lower from record highs as investors reaped profits while weighing political and new matters Economic uncertainty.

S&P 500 futures are down 0.5%, indicating that the benchmark may decline from Absolutely high It closed on Friday. The contracts related to the Nasdaq 100 index decreased 0.4% and the contracts related to the Dow Jones industrial average decreased 0.7%.

Stocks rose in recent days on the back of bets that the Democratic-controlled Congress will increase government spending, boosting the economic recovery.

Market sentiment dwindles at the start of the new week as investors face a number of risks. Politically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Dr., California) said: The House may move to impeach President Trump As soon as this week. This raises concern that the new hatred in Washington may reduce support for other important measures.

Recent economic data showed that the United States The labor market recovery has stalled In December, ending seven months of job growth and further concerns that the short-term outlook is worsening. Covid-19 infection rates It also remains high. Experts this month warned of a sharp rise in new cases, hospitalizations, deaths after gatherings and December holiday travel.

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