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The property listing claims that the previous owner is buried in the backyard of the home

The property listing claims that the previous owner is buried in the backyard of the home

This is why it’s always a good idea to check a file Home Date before purchasing one.

Each a house It is considered a unique home, but a home for sale in England likely has a little more character than most homes: The previous owner of the home is buried in the spot where the garden was, according to the estate listing.

Leeds, West Yorkshire

Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Relatives of the owner have reportedly decided to offer the house – a three-bedroom home located in Leeds, West Yorkshire – for sale after his death last September, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. the sun.

The list was reportedly shared on the British real estate website Zoopla, although it appears to have been removed since then. According to the description, the previous owner was born in the house and lived his whole life there – one of his last wishes was for him to rest in the garden.

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“Please be aware that this property is being sold by family members as part of a relative’s estate. It was the deceased’s wish to be buried in the garden where he was born and died in the house. This wish has been fulfilled and the property will be sold as is,” read the list, at The Sun.

The property was also reportedly listed as being sold “without a chain of custody,” a real estate term meaning that the owner is not waiting for money from selling the house to exit.

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Aside from the unusual backyard condition, the house also includes solar panels, a wood-burning stove, and a communal walkway.