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Shanaplan: Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are already recruiting coaches

Shanaplan: Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are already recruiting coaches

It is no secret that a file 49ers At least one manager will lose this out of season, very likely Furthermore. Whoever replaces these coaches will be a deciding factor in whether they are successful in moving forward with a roster that will look a lot different in 2021. Fortunately for the team and the fans, the process has already begun.

Take a look at what John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan said during their last press conference for the 2020 season earlier this week.

Here is John Lynch:

When you land and see the beauty of this place and you drive in, it’s a rainy morning, but it was a beautiful morning. All chances aside from playing for the San Francisco 49ers and walking by the Lombardi memorabilia every day you walk on the block. I love sharing stories with people about Harris Barton in the world who have stayed in this area and translated into tremendous commercial success because of the connections that they have in this area with a lot of what’s going on at the focal point of the world in terms of technology and all that. There is a great opportunity. For some people, this means a lot.

And Kyle Shanahan:

People like Niners here. Even before last year. It is a great place to live. I’ve been in different places that aren’t always that way, and it’s not like they’re just crazy, and they have nothing else to do. No, they get a lot going on here, but they are very real and treat us well. It makes me, my family and our players enjoy living here a lot.

As Kyle Bossi and Akash Anafaratan noted in the Today’s Chanaplan podcast, none of that was accidental.

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Akash said, “Copper 49, Kyle and John, are not stupid. They know that they are going to lose some coaches … and they have to refill these positions. So now they have to convince another person from a different team of possible coming to join the 49ers and leave their current position, so they have to sell Gulf Region… I thought it was a great sales move, and they started it now, and that was smart. ”

Check out the full conversation on Shanaplan Podcast today in the player below and wherever you get your podcast.

While the sales presentations themselves wouldn’t be the only reason why someone would want to join the 49ers, the fact that the general manager and head coach are knowledgeable enough to play this game is a good sign. It shows that they are smart enough to see the big picture and try to use every possible method available to them to bring the most talented people onto the coaching staff.

Let’s hope it pays off.

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