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Ray Fisher Cyborg is writing from the DC movie

Ray Fisher Cyborg is writing from the DC movie

Epic Ray Fisher And Warner Bros. It’s an ongoing and totally confusing game, with the actor who played a cyborg in 2017 doomed to failure Justice Squad Feature, accusing the director Joss Whedon (Who took over Zack Snyder After a family tragedy) and several Warner Bros. Something Infamous, often on Twitter or in the press. And the latest link Fisher, after an executable file Walter Hamadeh (And announcing the renewal of his contract), It was a tweet On December 30th it was stated that “Walter Hamadeh is the most dangerous form of empowerment. He is lying, and the successful strike of WB PR on the fourth of September sought to undermine the very real issues of Justice Squad Investigation. I will not be participating in any production associated with it. ” Apparently, Warner Bros. was taking his retirement seriously, With The Wrap reporting That Fisher’s role in the future flash The film will be removed.

According to The Wrap, the role will not be reworked, which could lead to a boshi-like protest from the audience asking, “But where’s the cyborg?” (Probably not.) Sparkle directed by that director Andy Muschietti Written by wild birds Writer Christina Hudson; It will contain a story borrowed from Bright spot Comic book series, including multiple timelines, with both Michael Keaton And the Ben Affleck Appear as Batman.

Part of what makes Ray Fisher’s controversy so frustrating is that no actual concrete claims have been made, with some vague accusations about Whedon, Hamada, and others promoting an unsafe and potentially dangerous workplace but nothing to comment on. Obviously, protest from several other actors about the re-release of the original Snyder Justice Squad It made the impression that they were dissatisfied with the final film, but it is unclear whether they had similarly unwanted interactions or, again, what really happened. It’s very baffling and we’re sure that one day, all of this will be revealed.

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But at the moment, everyone seems to be getting what they want. Warner Bros. (And parent company Warner Media) very happy with what Hamada has done with the property and so they keep it. And they know what they want from flash Movie. Fischer does not need more emotional pressure when working with people he does not consider worthy of his trust. It should not be forced (contractually or otherwise) to appear Sparkle It seems wise.

You can see Fisher’s first (and only) performance as a cyborg in the new Snyder 4-Hour Edition. Justice Squad Starting in March on HBO Max.

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