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Quick thoughts on leaving Nick Casierio the Patriots to join Texas

Quick thoughts on leaving Nick Casierio the Patriots to join Texas

While the writing has been on the wall for a few years now, Nick Caserio has stayed put New England Patriots Even when the other teams were trying to lure him away. Now, however, one has worked: Houston Texas The 45-year-old is expected to name their new General Manager. Houston has already tried to hire Caserio twice before, but to no avail.

Cácerio has worked as the Patriots ‘Personnel Manager since 2008, and was one of the team’s last three teams’ engineers Energy Runs. His loss, especially in a non-pivotal season like this, is clearly a blow to New England as the club will now have to occupy one of the highest positions in its front office.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what Caserio’s departure means for the Patriots and Texas.

Bill Bilesik will have to find his new right hand

While officially listed as the Personnel Manager, Caserio wore several hats during his time with the Patriots. He acted as an actual general manager alongside Bill Belisik and then was actively involved in draft and free agency – so much so that he was coaching players during the pre-draft session, for example – and even sitting in the coach’s booth on game day. Long story short, Caserio held a lot of roles.

Now, the team will have to find a way to replace them all. However, the most important function just opened within the organization may be the right-hand job for Belechek: Belišek trusted Caserio to take steps on his behalf and on behalf of the Patriots, and even though he still had the last word, his manager gave the staff player a lot Freedom to do his job. And Caserio’s successor will have to gain that trust.

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Caserio’s departure could lead to more changes

Bringing Texas Casereo on board over New England might affect more than just one level. The team’s coaching staff may also be in a state of change with him now in Houston. Obviously, the name to watch is abusive moderator Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels joined the Patriots alongside Caserio in 2001, and since then the two have played prominent roles on the team. Their history goes back even further, though: the two were also John Carroll’s college team mates – Caserio played quarterback, McDaniels’s vast future – and even shared a room together on road trips. So he said, According to John McLean of the Houston Chronicle, McDaniels is not currently seen as a candidate to fill the vacant Principal Internship position in Texas.

Part of John Carroll’s relationship also is Dave Ziegler, who was promoted to Assistant Director of Players last year and seen as the leading candidate for the position of Casereo. Given his long history with Caserio, he could also become a name to watch as a potential departing towards Houston.

Houston decided to return to the Patriots well

Caserio isn’t the first major addition made by Houston to have a history with the Patriots. Former team general manager and head coach, Bill O’Brien also came from New England, albeit across Pennsylvania: he spent five years with the Patriots, including as attack coordinator in 2011. But even though O’Brien has reached a disappointing end – He’s dismissed after starting the team 0-4 this year – Texas feels confident going with another assistant Bill Belishek.

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It is not known how big a role Jack Easterby played in the decision, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he called for Caserio to be appointed. Easterby, of course, left New England for Houston in February 2019 and played a major role in the Patriots’ fraud allegations against Texas last year.

The list of six-time champions in New England is constantly dwindling

One year after losing so long beginning with quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots will now see another member of the Super Bowl Six Rings Club leave. Caserio was a part of the organization throughout his family career in 2000 and 2010, winning his first three championship rings as Personnel Assistant, Area Scout and Professional Staff Manager, respectively, before adding three others to his last position.

With his now gone, there are only 11 six-time world champions left in the Patriots:

  • Head coach Bill Belischik
  • Running back coach Evan fears
  • Attack coordinator Josh McDaniels
  • Director of Scouting Department Nancy Meyer
  • Director of College Scouts, Brian Smith
  • Research director Richard Miller
  • IT specialist Dan Famusi
  • Football Manager / Technical Director of the Najarian Tower
  • Football Research Director Ernie Adams
  • Video director Jimmy D.
  • Assistant video director Fernando Neto

The team’s ownership – most notably CEO Robert Kraft and President Jonathan Kraft – also belongs to this club, although it does not fall into the “football crew” category due to its unique position within the franchise.