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New York State grants an OK for high-stakes sports in high school: "Let's go baby!"

New York State grants an OK for high-stakes sports in high school: “Let’s go baby!”

Syracuse, New York – New state Department of Health guidelines issued Friday appear to give the green light to secondary and recreational sports that are considered high-risk for the spread of Corona Virus To begin on February 1.

As far as school competition is concerned, this covers activities such as wrestling, hockey, basketball and competitive cheerleading. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had stopped these sports, allowing the athletes to train individually but not to train as a team or to play.

I’m so pumped, Stafford Spritter, West Genesee Girls’ Basketball Coach, said, “I’m so happy for the kids.”

“I couldn’t be happier or more excited to get out there and finally be able to play,” girls basketball player Jamesville de Witte Momo Laclair. “This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for and I think I’m speaking on behalf of everyone when I say we’re not going to let this season go to waste.”

The new Ministry of Health regulations stipulate the following:

“ From February 1, 2021, participants in high-risk sports and leisure activities can participate in individual or group spaced training and organize training without group / low-contact, moreover, they can participate in other types of play, including competitions and tournaments, only according to As permitted by relevant local health authorities, (ie, county health departments), “read the guidelines.

“Local health authorities must take into account the following factors in authorizing or continuing to prohibit high-risk sports and recreational activities, as these factors may affect many areas against permitting such activities:

▪ Whether there is a more transmissible variant of COVID-19 identified in the region,

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Domestic rates of COVID-19 transmission or positivity rate

Domestic capacity to monitor and enforce compliance.

For all low, medium, and high-risk sports, travel for training or play outside the area or neighboring provinces / regions is prohibited. Interstate travel is not highly recommended for practice or play, and if so, strict adherence to the requirements of state travel guidelines.

“It is not permitted to travel to or from any area within New York that has been identified as a red or orange zone except after consulting with local health authorities or the concerned state taking into account the above factors.

Onondaga County Chief Executive Ryan McMahon was among many politicians statewide Encouraging the governor to green light for sport.

In the third section, the winter sports season is decided from January 4 to February. 28. Taking into account the required number of training sessions, teams will have approximately 2-3 weeks to play matches and matches.

“It looks like we’re going to have a season,” said Frank Kulabovo, West Genesee hockey coach. “I told the kids (in training) that I don’t know what this means, but this is the best news we’ve had throughout the year.”

It’s possible that given the narrow transition, some schools may choose to skip winter sports altogether.

Division Three Executive Director John Rathbone could not be reached for immediate comment.

The New York State High School Athletic Association sent out a tweet that appeared to be surprised by the announcement.

The news may also seem a good indicator for boys’ football, volleyball and lacrosse, all of which fall into the high risk category. The soccer and volleyball matches are scheduled for the second season of autumn sports, which will start in March. The boys’ lacrosse competition takes place in the spring.

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