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Lana Del Rey shares new song "Chemtrails Over The Country Club": Listen

Lana Del Rey shares new song “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”: Listen

Yesterday, Lana Del Rey Detect the Artwork and playlist for her new album Chemtrails above the country club. She also released a proactive statement (via Instagram caption) addressing the diversity of the aforementioned album art, which included the phrase: “In 11 years in the business, I’ve always been so inclusive without ever trying. My best friend is the rapper and my friends were the rapper.” The statement was met with some raised eyebrows online, but it was brought up on me Chemtrails above the country club Continue.

Back in October, Del Rey shared the lead album ‘Let me love you like a woman. It was the first song she shared from the album After the postponement Its launch is planned for September.

Today, she is sharing the first single and the second song of the album. She also announced that Chemtrails above the country club Will come out 3/19. In a lengthy interview with BBC Radio 1 – during which it was done I talked about Trump’s Rebellion and Controversy over Her Album Cover – She mentioned that Jack Antonoff produced much of the album, with the exception of “Yosemite,” which was produced with Rick Noels.

Watch a music video for the album’s title track, directed by BRTHR, below.

In a statement of a different kind, before the release of “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” music video, Del Rey Explain why She wears a splint in it:

When you see my second video for that album, don’t think the fact that I’m in a cast is symbolic of anything other than thinking that I was still a professional skater. I spent my pretty sleds before the video even started after a long day of figure-eight hops and twilight hops in the desert. Thanks to my lovely family for my gifts

Chemtrails above the country club Out 3/19. Pre-order is Here. Among the goods available is a file Cotton face mask.

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