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First call: Chase Claypool attacks Brown after the Steelers’ loss, Sydney Crosby talks about a long-term future

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There is more inappropriate trash talk from a Steelers player about the Cleveland Browns.

Long-term captain of the penguins Sydney Crosby thinks about his future. It might be a few former Steelers in the mix for the Philadelphia Eagles coach job. Former Pennsylvania coach Bill O’Brien gets a new party.

All this on Tuesday’s First Call.

They … just … they can’t … stop … Yapping

Even if defeated, Steelers’ wide receivers can’t avoid grabbing the headlines with their mouths.

Or feet.

First, it was JuJu Smith-Schuster’s book Logo dances in Buffalo And Cincinnati. Then he said “Brown Do you BrownI previously quote from Steelers’ humble weekend loss to Cleveland.

Well, maybe that wasn’t modest. Because Chase Claypool was on TikTok on Monday taking a big hit at the Browns, even though they defeated his team on Sunday.

“A huge loss,” said Claypole. “But Brown will clap next week. So everything is fine.”

Chase, their training staff was absent. Their line of attack was mixed. The secondary was pinched by COVID-19. However, Cleveland has torn 48-37. They beat you twice in three matches.

Let me ask you something newbie. What do you think Kansas City will do to you if you go to Arrowhead this weekend? Do you think you might “clap” too?

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I know if your team had beaten Cleveland on Sunday, they would have been “applauded” by Buffalo. You know how I know that? I’ve seen them do it for you once already this season.

You know who last “clapped” you? Bengalese.

Maybe leave the phone and clean your backyard before you start talking about which teams are better than you.

Ski in line with Father Time

The Penguins star Sydney Crosby was present 105.9 x Wednesday.

Mark Madden asked the captain if he was considering the end of his career.

It seems as if Crosby is fully aware of the death of hockey. But the 33-year-old doesn’t seem completely threatened.

“It’s (the end of his career) a little closer to the start. He tends to cross your mind a little bit more,” Crosby said. “But I think as far as timing, I don’t think much about the future. I never thought about aging when I was younger. I don’t think about it much as I get older.

“It’s a competitive league. You have to keep adapting and adapting. But I love it just as much and I love to play for as long as possible. But when you’re my age, you tend to understand that that’s the truth of things.”

Crosby is about to start his 16th season in the National Hockey League. He played 984 games in the regular season in the NHL, and another 168 games in the qualifiers.

O’Brien to Bama?

Maybe former Pennsylvania coach Bill O’Brien will get a new job.

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According to Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports, he is expected to replace Steve Sarkisian as Attack Coordinator in Alabama.

O’Brien was recently a coach and general manager for the Houston Texans.

Friendly names

Doug Pederson is out of the Philadelphia Eagles’ position. Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Binemi and quarterback trainer Mike Kafka are listed as co-candidates to be Biderson’s replacement. Both are in 1/4.

Two ex-Steelers are on the list.

Duce Staley used to be a contestant in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia during his playing days. He is now assistant coach of Eagles and full-back coach. Via, Has been named as a possible candidate.

Owner Geoffrey Lowry said, “I expect Duchy Staley to be a candidate.” “He’s a great representative of vultures, he knows our values. I expect him to be a part of the research as well.”

Stally is the eighth on Listed on 2/15. Former Steelers midfielder and current Tampa Bay assistant Byron Liftwich finished 13th in 16/1.

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