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Call 1: actual odds of Deshawn Watson joining the Steelers; Update of the NFL salary cap

About an hour ago

Want the actual odds of Deshawn Watson ending up with the Steelers? We got it.

We also have some NFL salary cap projections. Happy return to Joe Musgrove. And an update on Robert Morris hockey.

All this in Wednesday’s First Contact.

Watson watch

Pittsburgh talk show sports is gaining momentum when it comes to the conversation about the possibility of Steelers trading for Houston Texas midfielder Deshawn Watson.

Watson Not happy with the ownership In Houston, the word is May ask for trade.

How do people outside view the possibility of Watson coming to Pittsburgh? OK, Connor Orr from Sports Illustrated Ranked the Steelers as the fourth most likely destination for Watson if traded. The New York Jets are believed to be the most likely place to land. It is followed by the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Dolphin.

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Other outlets are less optimistic about Pittsburgh’s opportunities. Mike Sandow sportsman Pittsburgh was not in the top five of potential teams that might hunt down the NFL captain passing through the arenas. But he agreed with Orr’s assessment of the Jets being the number one contender, and he also had Miami and San Francisco in the mix.

As for the odds makers, they aren’t very keen on the Steelers’ chances of pulling out of that trade. BetOnline.Ag It puts the odds at 1/20 for Pittsburgh as a potential new home for Watson – if it trades at all. Seventeen teams against the Steelers.

In case you’re curious – as I was – the Patriots are 1/9. I see value for money there.

Help. but not too much

As we all know Steelers is facing a max salary issue.

In fact, every team will feel a pinch. According to ProFootballTalk, thanks in large part to covid-19, the league expects the cap number for 2021 to be around $ 180 million per franchise (compared to $ 198.2 million in 2020). Teams like Steelers would have run into trouble even if the cap went up a bit because they have a large free client segment. This is bad news.

But it could be worse. The league and NFLPA have already announced that their maximum salary may be reduced to $ 175 million. That would be a decrease of $ 23.2 million per club.

As the PFT reports, “A lot of owners … don’t want to delay the full burden of the impact of 2020 losses. They see it as an interest-free loan to players. This mentality will push the final figure closer to $ 175 million.”

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Good atmosphere

Former pirate player Joe Musgrove was never an equal return to Gerrit Cole. No one else was obtained from Houston in that deal.

But Musgrove was always a good guy while in Pittsburgh. He always played hard and had a positive attitude despite a lot of losses to the franchise during his three years here.

So it’s nice to see him so happy about the trade that brought him back to his hometown of San Diego Padres.

He is especially cute because his dad – who has had some severe health issues – will now be easier to watch as he plays.

There was homecoming the other way around as part of the trade, too. San Diego sends right shooter David Bidnar to the Pittsburgh area. He is from Mars, Pennsylvania.

They also received fellow defenders Hudson Head and shooters Omar Cruz and fellow Padres Drake. Switch hit hunter Endy Rodriguez came from Mets as part of the three-way swap.

‘All the good stuff …’

17The tenth– seeded hockey team Robert Morris secured a point Tuesday night at Erie. But their winning streak ends at six.

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The Colonists lost 3-2 in overtime to Mercyhurst. The Lakers clinched the match winner from Georgy Fedolov 34 seconds before the end of the extra half.

Nick Lalonde and Cameron Hebert scored in the colony’s defeat. Derek Schooley’s next club plays RIT in Rochester on Saturday night. Then they fight Mercyhurst again at the Home and House series next Friday (Jan.29) on the road and Saturday (Jan.30) at the Island Sports Center.

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