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Breath of wild NPCs appears to depend on the "advanced" Miis

Breath of wild NPCs appears to depend on the “advanced” Miis

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A screen shot: Nintendo / FDR games (Fair use)

If you ever stared at someone The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the WildRandom villagers and thought, “Hey, this looks like Mii,” it might be because the two might be related.

Overnight, Twitter user and expert Mii HEYimHeroic Wrote That some non-player characters are in Breath of the wild It is based on an advanced version of the current Mii designs, which is used for player avatars on Nintendo consoles and in some games. According to HEYimHeroic, this means that plus Breath of the wildMiis ‘NPCs look more detailed, and it is also possible to directly modify players’ existing Miis in hacked versions of the game.

“on the principle, [Breath of the Wild NPCs] Use the Miis Evolution, which game files call ‘UMii’s (which I’ll call it from now on), HEYimHeroic wrote in Reddit thread. “UMiis has almost all parameters like the Wii U / 3DS Miis, with some slight differences here and there, like the moles that are no longer supported.” While it appears that all NPCs in the game are based on “UMiis”, Only Hellenistic (human) figures It has physical traits that mimic the traditional Mii.

For example, with the help of Zelda Discord Ministry of Defense, HEYi’mHeroic was able to modify the Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii by Barret from Final Fantasy VII to me Breath of the wild, And also Matt, one of Mii’s early opponents you encounter in the original We Sports. They were able to successfully inject Mii, Alice, into the game as well, even though her original hairstyle isn’t supported in Breath of the wildUMii designs, however, lag behind something else. In theory, this means that editing tools can also be “backport” Breath of the wild NPCs down to Mii characters, although this process is more chaotic.

HEYimHeroic, who cannot be reached immediately for comment, is responsible for WiiFactsPlus An account on Twitter And Tumblr, Which collects and shares highly specific information about Miis, as well as a Mii Library Project, Which seeks to document every official Mii that appeared in the game. Nintndo has been using the avatar format, which allows players to customize faces, body types, and accessories, since the Wii was released in 2006. As the HEYimHeroic documents, there are also dozens of pre-made Miis with names that appeared as actual characters in games.

There is still a lot of work to be done to analyze exactly how Breath of the wildBut compare “UMiis” with traditional Miis. “[N]HEYi’mHeroic wrote, adding that they will provide more complete documentation of the discovery and how people can inject their Miis for every known value, and there are still many interactions that we are not sure of. Breath of the wild Once ready.

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