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Best 55-inch TV of 2021: Comparing LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio

Best 55-inch TV of 2021: Comparing LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio

A 55-inch TV is currently considered medium or even small, which might come as a surprise if it’s been a few years since you purchased one. The companies were offering Constantly low prices For More screens than ever before – We’re talking about $ 300 for a A 55-inch TV is quite budget friendly – And as low as half that for sale. And at the end of that market, approx Every TV series is beautiful At 55 inches, it is often the smallest size in a line.

Many of these TVs come with all the bells and whistles, incl Complete local dimming systemAnd the OLED screensAnd the 120Hz refresh ratesAnd the 4K resolutionAnd the HDR, A large number of HDMI port Ports and even Advanced gaming features To go with PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Oh, and most of them are smart, letting you access all your beloved streaming content without using another device.

TL; DR: The 55-inch size offers more options than any other. As such, there are a lot of quality options. Let me help you define your favorites list.

The list below represents the best TVs I have reviewed in the CNET test lab (For 2020, this is my basement), Where I compare the pros and cons side-by-side to see which one is worth buying. Here are my latest recommendations for the best 55 inch TVs, updated regularly. Keep these points in mind as you consider my picks:

Sarah Teo / Cnet

No TV I’ve ever tested offers that much picture quality for so little money. The 2020 TCL 6-Series has better image quality than its predecessor, thanks Mini-LED technology And good execution Complete local dimming system Which helps him run circuits around any other TV at this price. It’s also a solid choice for gamers, with the new THX mode combining Low input lag And high contrast. As if that wasn’t enough, the Roku TV OS is our favorite. Read our TCL 6-Series (2020 Roku TV) review.

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TCL 6-Series Roku TV review: brighter and better than …


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what do you say? You just want the best TV, money is nothing? Here you are. In my side-by-side tests, the LG CX 2020 was the best TV I have ever reviewed, with world-wide contrast, perfect out-of-angle display and excellent uniformity. If you can afford it, this is a 55 inch TV. Read our LG OLEDCX Series review.

Sarah Teo / Cnet

With overall picture quality on par with the above TCL 6-Series and not much more expensive price, the X900H’s communications range is actually better than TCL. It is the most affordable TV with full HDMI input capability at 4K / 120Hz resolution. Read our Sony XBR-X900H review.

David Katzmayer / CNET

Samsung is the TV brand that sells more TVs than anyone else, and our favorite Samsung this year is the Q80T series. Its sleek design stands out compared to other TVs on this list – although the ultra-slim LG CX OLED is a bit more elegant – and it also offers excellent picture quality, next-generation gaming connectivity and a great smart TV system. The TVs above are super values, but if you want Samsung anyway, this is a great choice for gaming or watching TV shows, movies, YouTube TV, and more. Read our Samsung Q80T series review (2020).

Other things to know

I’m sure you’ll be happy with any of the TVs mentioned above, but your new 55-inch TV could be a big investment, so maybe you’re looking for more information. Here’s a quick and dirty list.

  • In my opinion, bigger is better. Large TVs are cheaper than ever, and it’s better to spend your money on larger screen sizes rather than a slight upgrade in picture quality or resolution.
  • If you don’t like the way the built-in Smart TV system interacts with streaming apps, you can always add a media player. After all, there are more streaming services with amazing content than ever before (have you seen The Mandalorian Yet?!) Streaming devices are cheap, easy to use, and receive updates more frequently than most Smart TVs. See our picks from Best Media Streaming.
  • Most of the built-in speakers sound poor, so it’s helpful to pair your new set with a woofer or any other speaker system. Good things start at around $ 100. See the best speakers.
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Got all this? Great! Now get your remote control and settle for some cutting edge TV shows.

Looking for more information? Here’s everything you need to know Buying a new TV in 2021.

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