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A German pilot tracks a massive injection on his recent flight in honor of the Coronavirus vaccination campaign

A German pilot tracks a massive injection on his recent flight in honor of the Coronavirus vaccination campaign

Pilot in Germany Have some fun during a final flight to honor the beginning Corona Virus The vaccination campaign in Europe on Sunday.

Sammy Kramer, 20, drew the roadmap he would need to trace a giant syringe 70 kilometers into the sky. Using the Diamond DA-20 Katana, it flew about 200 kilometers near Lake Constance in southern Germany at 5,000 feet in the air to remind people to start the COVID-19 campaign.

“There is still a relatively large number of people who are against vaccination, and my work could be a reminder to them to think about it, to get things moving,” Kramer said. Reuters Television On Sunday.

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He said his flight should be seen as a direct invitation to vaccinate, but instead “as a sign of joy, as the aviation industry has been hit hard by the pandemic.”

The route appeared as an injection on the website Flightradar 24.

A pilot in Germany follows a giant syringe in the air.

The European Union Her vaccination campaign against COVID-19 began on Sunday.

The bloc of 27 countries organized a coordinated launch aimed at highlighting a unified message that the shot was safe and the best chance for Europe to emerge from the pandemic.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz described the vaccine, which was developed in record time, as “a game changer”.

“We know that today is not the end of the epidemic, but it is the beginning of victory,” he said.

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The vaccine, developed by German company BioNTech and US drugmaker Pfizer, began arriving in extremely cold containers to European Union hospitals on Friday from a plant in Belgium. Each country was receiving only a fraction of the required doses – fewer than 10,000 in the first batches for some countries – with a larger launch expected in January when more vaccines become available. All of those who get the shots on Sunday should be back for a second dose in three weeks.

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